The city of Rybnik is located in the heart of Upper Silesia, deeply rooted in region’s tradition, but also drawing from the achievements of present time

Welcome to Rybnik

The city of Rybnik is located in the heart of Upper Silesia, deeply rooted in region’s tradition, but also drawing from the achievements of present time. This is the place where the most modern solutions correspond with historical buildings, the industry coexists with the greenery and comprehensive development respects universal values. This is the space for activity, new opportunities, promising perspectives and diverse possibilities. Above all – this is a good place to live, work and relax.

The city of positive changes
Once a mining town – today it’s a modern centre focused on different areas of the economy. The transformation of Rybnik, which is now seen as a commercial centre, has taken place over the last quarter of the century. On one hand it was the result of common tendencies in Poland leading to restructure of heavy industry and on the other had there were many initiatives undertaken in the city aimed at modernization. This situation has aroused potential of its inhabitants, releasing their creativity and energy. There were many private business initiatives undertaken, which increased the attractiveness of the city. Several major investments have changed the face of the city. It is worth to mention that the city managed to obtain EU funds to realize these investment projects. The European projects realized by the city have immensely improved the quality of residents’ live, affecting natural environment, increasing the level of education, developing the information society and improving the road system of the city. Thanks to EU funds Rybnik can boast some impressive sports and cultural facilities. Importantly, the city is still developing, gaining as much as possible from its potential, at the same time adapting its offer to citizens, visitors and investors.

The city strongly supports the education
The education in Rybnik is one of the priorities, defining the directions of city development. Investing in young generation is actually investing in the future - children and youth of today will shape the social and cultural landscape of the city and the region in a couple of years. Having this in mind, Rybnik makes every effort to ensure that its educational offer is attractive and competitive. High levels of education, innovative teaching methods, attractive educational infrastructure, competent staff, wide range of optional extra-curricular activities – all of these are the advantages of our offer at different levels of education. Rybnik is also a university city – graduates of renowned universities: Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and University of Economics in Katowice are recognized as highly qualified specialists whose knowledge and skills serve local community of the city and the whole region.

A lot happens in Rybnik
is the venue for many cultural and sporting events. Concerts of Polish and international stars, music festivals, literary and theatrical events, performances with world-class athletes - primarily speedway riders, City Festival called “The Days of Rybnik” – all these events make Rybnik famous not only to Silesian inhabitants, but also to the whole country. The cultural life of the city develops through institutions such as Rybnik Theatre, which attract artists and performers from the top shelf. It is surely the result of their determined activity and long-standing good reputation. The Music School in Rybnik also plays a very important role in the city. This educational and cultural institution with more than 80 years of tradition and experience, promotes development of musical culture by organizing aspiring concerts and teaching future artists. The Music School in Rybnik has already educated many outstanding musicians, who have managed to make success on Polish and international stages. Adam Makowicz, Piotr Paleczny, Lidia Grychtołówna or Henryk Mikołaj Górecki are just some of them.

Rest and recreation in Rybnik
has a very rich recreational infrastructure that gives a lot of opportunities to actively spend free time and practise different sports disciplines. Rybnik is famous for its well-developed system of bicycle paths, which allow to make bicycle trips to our neighbouring towns. Rybnik sports base offers opportunities for water sports enthusiasts – there are several indoor swimming pools, outdoor swimming pool called “Ruda” (one of the most modern of its kind in the country) and so called Rybnik Reservoir, where you can go fishing, sailing, canoeing and windsurfing. This recreational offer of the city is complemented by sports airfield, horse stud, climbing walls, health clubs and other clubs where you can practise particular sport disciplines.

Rybnik offers favourable conditions for enterprise development. The presence of nationwide and international companies is undoubtedly the proof of it. However, Rybnik is primarily a perfect place for small and medium enterprises. This sector plays a very important role in the process of building a modern, knowledge-based economy and Rybnik has an economic and social potential, providing the owners of the companies of various profiles with long-term benefits.

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