Support for business

Analysis Department

The Department is responsible for matters involving service of national and foreign investors, including the preparation and provision of comprehensive information on the terms of investing in the city, and help in seeking an attractive location for an investment.

tel. (+48) 501 110 265, (+48) 32 43 92 255



Office of Business Activity

The Office is responsible for matters involving applications for entry in the Central Registration and Information on Business, the registration of the suspension and resumption of business activity, the issuance of alcohol sale permit.

tel. (+48) 32 43 92 179, (+48) 32 43 92 159

Tax reliefs

The business owners developing in Rybnik and investing in the city can use public support in the form of CIT/PIT reliefs – by sustaining investment expenditures or creating new jobs. The reliefs are granted in the form of a decision on provision of support by the Katowice Special Economic Zone at the level of 25%, 35% or 45% of sustained investment costs or two-year costs of employment in the newly created jobs. The decision is issued for 15 years if the relevant investment is implemented in the area of the special economic zone or for 10-12 years for the other real properties.

Significantly, Rybnik offers preferential conditions for granting an income tax relief – to be eligible to apply for support, micro-business owners are required to undertake to sustain (reduced) eligible costs of new investments amounting to at least PLN 200 thousand (for small enterprises – PLN 500 thousand, for medium-sized enterprises – PLN 2 million, and for large enterprises – PLN 10 million). For more information, visit the website of the Katowice Special Economic Zone.

Katowice Special Economic Zone

Silesian Inwestor And Exporter Assistance Center