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Council of Europe Plaque of Honour

Rybnik has also been awarded with the Council of Europe Plaque of Honour. It’s another after the Flag of Honour (2004) and the European Diploma (2003) prestigious honour the city has been awarded for international co-operation and the activity towards the Idea of European Unity. 







In the pursuit of European recognition, Rybnik placed an application with the European Council’s Secretary General in Strasbourg at the end of last year. At the beginning of April 2003, the Sub-Committee for European Prizes put Rybnik forward for this prestigious award. The proposal was approved by The European Council’s Committee for the Environment, Agriculture and for Local and Regional Affairs, which resulted in our allocation for The European Diploma. The Diploma, a parchment bearing the name of the authority and the date of its award, is customarily presented at an official ceremony during a session of The European Council’s Parliamentary Assembly.




Rybnik joined the elite team of European cities, which can boast of the Council of Europe’s Flag of Honour. The solemn handing of this honour flag was took place on Friday the 11th of June, on the Rybnik`s market. The flag was given to the Mayor of Rybnik, Adam Fudali by Wilfried Bohm, honorary member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and a former German deputy.
The decision about giving this honourable mention was taken in the French Strasburg – the head office of the Council of Europe. It was taken by the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs Committee of the Council of Europe
One of the conditions to apply for this flag was owning European Diploma, which the Rybnik`s authorities were given last year.
The European flag - symbol of the association of European nations- was the second, among four prizes that were handed by the Council of Europe. The next two are: The Plaque of Honour and the Europe Prize- the highest commend given to the communes co-operating with other cities in the theme of European integration. Rybnik officially collaborates between few cities in Europe, ten of which are partnership cities.



Rybnik was proud to obtained a European Diploma, which was awarded by The European Council.



The award was in recognition of the efforts and for the city authority’s engagement within the area of international co-operation and for the active promotion of a united Europe. The European Diploma was presented on Thursday 26th June, during this year’s third session of The European Council’s Parliamentary Assembly.



Rybnik officially co-operates, on an international scale, with twelve cities in Europe, eight of which are  twinned with Rybnik. Being awarded The European Diploma is the city’s first step towards successive European recognitions, for instance the Flag of Honour, the Plaque of Honour and the European Prize (a top honour awarded by the Council to municipalities who collaborate with their twinned cities within the sphere of European integration).




Source: The President’s Office, City Press Spokesman





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